About Milove

Named as a ode to my precious pointer Milo (the handsome guy below) who I lost in 2016, and a declaration of ‘my love’ for dogs. Milove is here to help make sure you can share those precious life moments and celebrations with your fur family as well.

I’m a fur mum and dog lover. I have been blessed to share my life with dogs for the past 28 years, they are my “kids”. I always vowed that when I got married I would want my dogs to be there with me on such a special occasion, to be there as I walked down the isle and to be part of the wedding party and photos. However, the logistics of making that a reality can become very complicated. Your wedding day is full on, everyone wants a piece of you and your attention is pulled in all directions – guests, family, photographers, venue staff, imagine trying to fit your dog into that equation as well. It’s overwhelming and I know there are many other dog mum and dads who would love to have their dog with them but find the details too hard to make work. This is why I created Milove – I am here for you and for your dog as their very own personal assistant on the day.

Milove is here to care exclusively for your dogs needs on the day.

Contact me to discuss a packaging for your special occasion.  We can even keep it a secret should you wish to surprise your partner.

About Me

My name is Debbie, I’m a dog girl, through and through. I love being in the company of dogs and being able to help you celebrate your special day with your dog by your side makes my eyes well (yes I bring tissues).

I am qualified in Canine Behaviour and Training. I am trained in canine first aid, I’m a rewards based trainer, low-stress, fear-free handler and work with dogs regularly. I am here to make sure your dog enjoys the day as much as you. I can offer training if your dogs manners need a polish before the day or you would like them to be a ring bearer and carry a basket or walk the isle.

Qualifications and Professional Development:

Diploma Holistic Canine Behaviour – Currently studying

New Zealand Certificate in Animal Management (Canine Behaviour and Training)

Certificate in Pet First Aid

Certificate Work in the Animal Care Industry

Kennel Assistant

Furr Kids – Ecommerce store, owner

PupGo Portable Indoor/Outdoor Pet Lawn – designer and manufacturer